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Your First Choice in Mead

Mediaeval knights

First New Zealand mead awarded a national and international gold medal - 1995; 1997

First sparkling mead on the New Zealand market - Moonlight Gold Sparkling Dessert mead 1994

First mead company in Wellington - 1993

We use only native bush honeys in our range, producing a depth of character which has won us International Gold Medals.

Mead Liqueurs

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"Manuka Gold"

Silver Medal 2006 International Competition
This liqueur is sweetened partly with a blend of manuka and other bush honeys, and partly with sugar. It is lighter in flavour than "Heather Gold", and sweeter.
100ml gift bottles of Manuka Gold are available with and without Golf flake.
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"Larnach Gold"

Silver Medal 2008 International Competition
Named after New Zealandís only castle (Larnach castle overlooking Dunedin), Larnach Gold celebrates New Zealandís historical connection with Scotland. In the best of Highland tradition Larnach Gold is a full bodied, smooth, and richly warming liqueur, made with native New Zealand and Heather honeys, perfectly crafted with blended Scotch whiskies. It is supplied in gift bottles (100ml/200ml) and plain (250ml/500ml).
100ml gift bottles of Larnach Gold come with Gold flake.
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"Highland Lass"

Bronze Medal 2008 International Competition
Highland tradition, New Zealand native honeys, gentle butterscotch and blended Scotch whiskies are brought together to bring you this fine liqueur. It is softer in style and lower in alcohol than Larnach Gold - If Larnach Gold is the "King" of Bemrose honey liqueurs, Highland Lass is the Queen. It is supplied in gift bottles (100ml/200ml) and plain (250ml/500ml).
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"Café Royale"

Silver Medal 2008 International Competition
Café Royale is an inspiring blend of coffee and honey liqueurs, with gentle butterscotch and soft almond aftertones. It is ideal for making a cream Alexander (see the recipe page for an "Alexander Royale"). Café Royale is supplied in gift bottles (100ml/250ml) and plain (250ml/500ml).
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"Heather Gold"

Bronze Medal 2011 International Competition
This sumptuous, silky liqueur perfectly complements the richness of Heather Honey with Manuka and other exquisite native bush honeys, enhanced with the warmth of pure French Brandy. It is sweetened only with honey, not sugar, hence is not as sweet as some liqueurs. It is supplied in gift bottles (100ml/200ml) and plain (500ml).
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"Butterscotch Mead Schnapps"

Bronze medal 2006 International Competition
A beautifully smooth rich and balanced Butterscotch, with an outstanding caramel flavour, on a substrate of rich bush honeys including Manuka honey. A sweet but refreshing schnapps style, best served lightly chilled. Also excellent in coffee, or over ice cream with chopped nuts.
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Amarette de Miele

Silver medal 2006 International Competition
Amarette is a full luscious liqueur, with a rich but soft taste of almonds. We feel confident in saying it is the best Amaretto type liqueur on the market.
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"Ginger Honey" Mead Liqueur

A delightful and delicate balance between spicy bush honey and fragrant fresh ginger.

Mead - A Legendary Wine

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