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Your First Choice in Mead

Mediaeval knights

First New Zealand mead awarded a national and international gold medal - 1995; 1997

First sparkling mead on the New Zealand market - Moonlight Gold Sparkling Dessert mead 1994

First mead company in Wellington - 1993

First Premium Reserve mead on the NZ market - Excaliber 2012

First mead Port-style wines on the NZ market.

Best White, International competition, 1999 (Wintermede) and 2006 (Gingermede).

We use only native bush honeys in our range, producing a depth of character which has won us International Gold Medals.

Mead Ports-

The only mead port-style wine on the NZ market


Still Mead

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The Duke’s Port

Silver medal, 2017 National Fruit Wine competition.

The name of this honey and fruit Port-style wine reflects its place of production – Wellington. (Wellington is named after the Duke of Wellington, and has one of NZ’s deep water ports).
The Duke’s Port is made with blended native honeys (including Manuka honey) and Black Doris plums (which are only grown in NZ). Black Doris plum has a deep purple flesh, with a natural tannin and earthiness that makes it ideal for Port-style wines.
The Duke’s Port is fortified with pure French Brandy.

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Pohutukawa WhitePort

Silver medal, 2017 National Fruit Wine competition.

This silky-smooth White Port style wine is made with delicate Pohutukawa honey and Greengage Plums – the “Queen” of green plums. It is fortified with pure neutral spirit to maintain the delicate flavours.

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Red Mead Still Medium Sweet

Silver medal, Best Red trophy at the 2017 National Fruit Wine competition.

Our customers have been asking us for years to make a red mead. So we finally relented! This is a stunning mead (technically, melomel) with native honeys (including Manuka honey), the fruitiness of boysenberries, and the richness of plum.
Red Mead can be served at room temperature of chilled. It makes a great Sangria:

  • 1 bottle Red Mead
  • 250 - 300ml orange juice (fresh squeezed)*
  • 4 Tblspn lemon juice
  • 1 large orange thinly sliced
  • 1 large lemon (Meyer) thinly sliced
  • 2 nectarines or white peaches, sliced

Combine and stand in a fridge overnight.
Add 10-20% soda to serve.

*The amount of orange juice will determine how much the sangria tastes like a wine base or just fruit juice.

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"Excaliber" Still Sweet "premium Reserve" - created in 2012 -
The "Holy Grail" of honey mead wine!

Based on our award-winning Wintermede, Excaliber is a robust, rich, traditional, sweet dessert style honey wine, made from Manuka honey blended with other exquisite New Zealand native honeys to give depth, spice, and balance. We have added a special honey to the blend to complement the vanilla and soft caramel flavours of the toasted French oak with which it has been aged, to achieve super premium quality.
Excaliber is best served at a cool room temperature. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. This will suppress the oak character.
Excaliber can be enjoyed with a cheese board, or on its own instead of port or sherry, as well as with dessert.

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"Wintermede" Still Sweet mead - our Flagship product

Gold Medal, best Mead/White wine 1999 International Competition
A rich sweet dessert style mead made from dark bush honeys, similar in taste to a Botrytis style, ideal for cold Winter nights and especially good for mulling, either on its own or with added spices.

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Wintermede with just the right amount of Ginger.
Gold Medal, best Mead/White wine 2006 International Competition
Gingermede is made specially for mulling, on cold winter nights, but can also be drunk at room temperature.
Gingermede is also great as a "long" drink:
Put 2 or 3 thin slices of cucumber in the bottom of a Collins glass and add ice. Then 1/3 to 1/2 fill with Gingermede. Let stand for 3-5 minutes. Top up with soda water and dunk a slice of Tangelo or Orange in the mix for 3 to 5 seconds and remove - very refreshing!

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"Manuka 'Sack' Mead" Still Medium Dry, Oak fermented.

Silver medal, 2006 International Competition
Manuka 'Sack' is a Manuka-based mead, golden colour, medium dry. It is full flavoured, and most closely resembles a rich, oaked, malo-lactic style Chardonnay.

Serving suggestions
...ideal with a cheeseboard...
...perfect as a table wine...
...ideal with Malaysian food.


Sparkling Mead
- historic only. These are no longer available.

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"Moonlight Silver" Sparkling Medium.

A medium to medium sweet easy drinking wine in the style of a "Champagne Cocktail" This is fruity, light and refreshing, designed for casual relaxing drinking.

Ideal for
...brilliant in equal parts with orange juice! Breakfast..
...perhaps with caviar and cream cheese on crackers...
...divine with Pavlova...


Our original product launched in 1994.

Picture of Product

"Moonlight Gold" Sparkling Dessert Mead

A rich wine with light liqueury undertones, excellent with dessert or after dinner but also good as an aperitif.
Gold Medal, best Mead 1995,1997 International Competition

Mead - A Legendary Wine

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